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Jae Bird Botanicals is a solar-powered herb company. Our process of growing and gathering is done in a sustainable way with respect for the earth.

Our formulas are guaranteed to be as fresh and potent as possible. We offer these gifts of nature with love and appreciation.

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Herbal Wishes

Jae Bird and Celia Green

Herbal Salves and Balms

Our salves and balms are made from herbs gathered by hand, in their peak of medicinal strength. The flowers, leaves, seeds and/or roots are processed in cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil. These medicinal oils are combined with local beeswax and essential oils, to make a soft and easily absorbed skin salve. Made with ingredients such as: Arnica, St. Johnswort, Datura, Comfrey, Echinacea, Calendula.

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Herbal Extracts

Our extracts are distilled from fresh and recently dried plant materials. We formulate these blends using traditional herbs in synergistic combinations to bring out the strength of the individual herbs.

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We often make our extractions in the field, during our herb gathering trips to insure their potency and freshness. These ''simples'' are available separately or in personalized combinations.

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Aromatherapy Misters

Our Aromatherapy Misters contain pure, aromatic essential oils. They can be used as a facial mist or room spray. Includes: Essential oil of lavender, sweet orange and ylang-ylang.

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